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The benefits of goat milk products for the skin have been recognized for thousands of years.  Goat milk is high in vitamins A, C, B1, B6, B12, and E. Vitamin C is required for skin repair and studies have shown that it also decreases lines and wrinkles and helps control acne.   The vitamins A and E are anti-oxidants that help counteract the free radicals and radiation that cause signs of aging. The Selenium contained in goat milk also protects from sun damage and some studies have shown that it may play a role in preventing skin cancer.

Goat milk has fatty acids and proteins that are distinct from other natural products.  In addition, the pH of goat milk is close to that of human skin. This combination allows the skin to absorb moisture better.  Goat milk contains alpha hydroxy acid which works as a gentle exfoliant to increase skin cell turn over.  Goat milk lotion and milk baths are commonly used as a treatment for skin conditions such as poison ivy, diaper rash, psoriasis, and eczema.


Hand Made Goat Milk Products from Happy, Hand Milked Goats

How do we keep our goats happy?

The Good Girl Goats live on a farm in beautiful Northern Michigan.  They have access to a wide open pasture in the warm months.  When the fresh grass is not in season, they are fed quality hay, alfalfa pellets, grain, corn, and sun flower seeds.  Of course, this diet is supplemented with lots of treats.  Bananas, Apple Jacks, watermelon rinds, animal crackers, and Tums  are some of their favorites.

The Girls spend their days in the company of three dogs, six cats, two horses, two llamas, a pig, and a multitude of ducks, chickens, and turkeys that reside on the farm with them.  In the evenings, they are often lounging on the porch or a cozy hay bale chewing their cud. 

How do we know they are happy?  Would they give this many kisses if they weren’t? 

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Good Girl Goat Products make a unique, affordable, luxurious gift for any occasion.  Our combo packs and bath bombs make perfect shower or wedding favors.  All baskets and combos can be customized with your favorite fragrances, and we will even work with you to design a custom label.  Or tell us your budget and we can design some thing special just for your event.  All orders include FREE LOCAL DELIVERY to your home. Check out our gift baskets and gift packs HERE

Some fragrances have limited availability.  Not all fragrances may be available for all products.  The length of time for an order to be processed depends on number of products ordered and if ordered fragrances are in stock.